A Demonic Dodge Previewed For New York Auto Show

January 27th, 2017 by

If you’re the kind of driver who likes more than a meager helping of beast mode, then our Dodge lineup will offer plenty of vehicles for you to fawn over. With cars from the potent Durango SUV to the insane Challenger SRT Hellcat, accept no substitutes. This spring, however, something even more powerful is coming: the 2017 Dodge Demon.

Details on the Demon are scant as of yet, but we’re told that it will be a souped up version of the Challenger. So far, we’ve confirmed that it will be 200 pounds lighter than the SRT Hellcat, and boast swollen fenders as well as some mean drag radial tires measuring 315/40R18 at all four corners. That’s the meatiest rubber ever offered on a production car, and speaks volumes about what might be lurking under the hood.

Stay tuned to our blog for more inside info on the upcoming Demon. For immediate automotive needs, our Dodge dealership in Chesterton, IN would be happy to introduce you to our lineup. Contact us at your convenience.

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